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Clients who have trusted in our services include:

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United States

Alondra Silva Muñoz provided excellent service as a professional who not only has great disposition, but is also proactive and trustworthy.Jean Paul - Public relations professionalAudiovisual translation

I would absolutely recommend’s services. The work is professional with a great professor selection process. We would like to thank them for how professional they have been and for the great services they have provided, as well as to congratulate them for their network of contacts. They managed everything in accordance with our language need sand goals.Francisco and Caterina - StudentsLanguage classes

Classes with Alondra are very efficient, as they focus on where I need the most help. In the same way, her creativity helps me pay more attention to the material that she prepares. Also, her vast knowledge allows for a better understanding of my questions, since she also speaks my native language, and if I ever don’t understand an initial explanation this knowledge allows her to be able explain a concept in different ways until all details are clear.Bruno - EconomistLanguage classes

My experience with was great. I had never paid for this type of service before, but I got estimates from many place and I found that’s price was one of the most reasonable. While I did find a couple options that were cheaper, something about the treatment and attentiveness of made me opt for their services, and it was not a mistake. The work that they produce is one of high-level professionalism, but at the same time with great service and attentiveness to any questions and concerns clients may, addressing them quickly. They are very efficient, they meet all decided deadlines, and they are highly conscious of the importance of the service that they perform for the professional and academic performance of their clients. This reflects the high level of responsibility and commitment to which they submit their own work as translators. After having used the service, I nothing else to say but that I recommend them 100% and that I will continue to use’s services.Ricardo - TeacherScientific translation

I want to express my gratitude for your professionalism, dedication, and clear explanations, as well as the work delivered before the deadline. Unfortunately, it's becoming unusual to find such level of excellence at work, in general at all levels, and when you find someone like that, it's very much appreciated, especially when you haven't met personally. We are looking forward to collaborating with you guys again!Griselda - Organizational psychologist CV translation

Working with was a relief. In every translation there's the great challenge of interpreting, not only letters and their order, but the heart behind them, especially when it is about audiovisual scripts where the emotion supersedes information. In a project like ours, in which the text was a rhythmic tribute to a famous Chilean artist, Violeta Parra, the challenge was accomplished in perfection by, whose through work abundant in feedback and proposals, worked in record time for our project. I absolutely will work with them in the future.Pablo - Executive producer and screenwriter Audiovisual translation’s turn-around times and rates are fantastic. We have dealt with a number of different translation companies, and offers very competitive pricing and quick completion times before they need to charge expedited fees. What’s more, we also get a high quality translation product created by savvy translators who are very sensitive to the nuances of the languages they handle. Whereas many translation companies employ free-lance translators that turn out a decent product but may miss on some of the complexities, backs its work with its translators’ solid educational background in translation theory. When we seek translators, we usually find that hardly ever can one get a translator who actually holds a university degree, as Alondra does, in translation. Because of quick completion times, competitive pricing, and sound theoretical background in translation, we know our translation projects are in very good hands.Mark - ProfessorTranslation

Alondra assisted the Algramo team in its capital raising process with the translation of our executive summary that was used for presenting to investors. She worked quickly and professionally, understanding and respecting our deadlines. The work was completed on time and with high quality. Today, we still use the document for our initial conversations with international investors, and we’ve received great feedback. We recommend Alondra’s work to anyone needing translation services for foreign investment, as she offers an efficient and effective solution.José Manuel Moller - Founder and CEO, AlgramoTranslation

Choosing to do Skype lessons with Alondra was the best decision. We decided on Skype lessons to be time-efficient, since they started so early! Alondra prepares and adapts each lesson to the unique needs of the student as they come up, and I started improving immediately. I like her methodology and the opportunity to train my ear.Águeda - Director, Health and Education SectorSkype Classes

I first met Alondra doing group lessons, and she was the best language teacher I’ve ever had, so much so that I contacted her after finishing the course to request private lessons, which was an excellent decision. It’s rare to have a teacher who demonstrates so much dedication and preparation for each class, with didactic material to help with the learning. The best part of the classes is that all communication was 100% in Portuguese. Each class presented new and entertaining challenges. I recommend her without any doubt.Andrea - Real Estate ConsultantSkype Classes